Joana Ziller

Professor of the Social Communication Department and the Communication Graduate Program at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

PhD and Master in Information Science (ECI/UFMG) and bachelor in Social Communication (UFMG).

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Topics of interest: common people videos, appropiations, remix and mashups, online social networks, semiotics, digital methods research

Selected articles (view all at

D’ANDRÉA, Geane. ZILLER, Joana. Violent Scenes in Brazil’s 2013 Protests: the Diversity of Ordinary People’s Narratives. Television & New Media, n.16. Disponível em:

D’ANDRÉA, Carlos; ALZAMORA, Geane. ZILLER, Joana. Hashtags as Intermedia Agency Resources before FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. In: RAMBUKKANA, Nathan (org.). Hashtag Publics. The Power and Politics of Discursive Networks. Nova York, Peter Lang, 2015, p.115-125. (Book on sale at Amazon)

ZILLER, Joana. Expressões antropofágicas: apropriação e recriação de vídeos no YouTube. Contemporânea – comunicação e cultura, v.10, n.03,set-dez 2012 – p. 741-758.

Current research project: Tactics of the field: citizen’s videos about World Cup 2014 (CNPq) and Tactics of anthropophagic video: ownership and republication at YouTube Space
Funding: Fapemig