Graduate Students

PhD Students

Amanda Jurno (Lattes | |
Advisor: Carlos d’Andréa
Project: Agency, mediation and textual networks: the Facebook’s Newsfeed and Instant Articles
Topics of interest: agency, mediation, STS, algorithm, Facebook

André Goes Mintz (Lattes | |
Fellowship: CAPES/PROEX
Advisor: Carlos d’Andréa
Project: Recompose the images-network: conceptual and methodological challenges for the study of image in social networks

Luciana Andrade Gomes Bicalho (Lattes | |
Fellowship: CAPES/PROEX
Advisor: Geane Alzamora
Project: Transmedia dynamics of President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment mediated by hashtags
Topics of interest: Semiotics, Mediation, Social Networks, Hashtags, Impeachment

Polyana Inácio Rezende Silva (Lattes | |
Fellowship: CAPES/PROEX
Advisor: Geane Alzamora
Project: Internet of Things, of everything and from everybody: mediation, delegation and technical objects’ agency
Topics of interest: Internet of Things, wearables, smart objects, technical mediation, photography

Tacyana Arce (Lattes |
Fellowship: Capes PSDE (set/2014 – mar/2015)
Advisor: Geane Alzamora
Project: Conections and trials: arguments and actors around an idea of journalistic mediation
Topics of interest: journalism theories, journalism practice, french pragmatic sociology, actor-networ theory

Tiago Barcelos Pereira Salgado (Lattes | |Research Gate |
Fellowship: CAPES/PROEX
Advisor: Geane Alzamora / Coadvisor: Joana Ziller
Project: Sociotechnical mediations in intermidia connections: communicational actions and their flux through the network of Desce a Letra
Topics of interest: Communicationa actions, Digital Methods, Intermedia flux, Mediations, Social Networks, Sociotechnical connections

Master Students

Daniel Felipe Loiola (Lattes | |
Fellowship: Capes
Advisor: Joana Ziller
Project: YouTube bubbles: The impact of algorithmic curation on modes of participation
Topics of interest: Digital Advertising, Cyberculture, Social Networks, Digital Methods Research

Silvia DalBen (Lattes | |
Fellowship: FAPEMIG
Advisor: Carlos d’Andréa
Project: Opening the black boxes of news written by robots: a cartography of Automated Journalism
Topics of interest: Cyberculture, Digital Journalism, Automated Journalism, Actor-Network Theory, Science Technology Studies

Stephanie Boaventura (Lattes | |
Sônia Pessoa
From “the personal is political” to “the personal is personal”:The formation of political identities on Facebook’s interaction territories
Topics of interest: social media, identities, politics, feminism, Facebook

Thereza Nardelli e Silva (Lattes | |
Fellowship: CAPES
Advisor: Joana Ziller
Project: Communication of error: mapping digital glitch in new media cultures
Topics of interest: internet aesthetics, appropriation, politics of image, glitch, feminism

Vitória Barros (Lattes |
Fellowship: FAPEMIG
Advisor: Geane Alzamora
Project:  “Eu tenho mais ‘ships’ que a marinha”: reconfigurando a rede do Tumblr através dos ships de Sherlock
Topics of interest: Transmedia, fandom, tumblr, produsage, ships

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