Camila Mantovani

Professor of the Social Communication Department of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

PhD and Master in Information Science (ECI/UFMG) and bachelor in Social Communication / Journalism (UFMG).

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Topics of interest: Midiatization; Organizational Communication; Consume Studies (applied research) in digital environments; Usability Studies; Information Architecture; Informational Culture; Social Research in digital contexts.

Selected articles (view all at Lattes)

MANTOVANI, Camila; MOURA, Maria Aparecida . The Construction of Contemporary Mobility. In: Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, v. 2, p. 682-690, 2013.

MANTOVANI, Camila; MOURA, Maria Aparecida . Informação, interação e mobilidade; Información, interacción y movilidad. In: Informação & Informação (UEL. Online), v. 17, p. 55-76, 2012.

MANTOVANI, Camila; DANTAS, G. G. C. . Os fluxos informacionais nos dispositivos móveis. In: Maria Aparecida Moura. (Org.). Cultura informacional e liderança comunitária. 1ed.Belo Horizonte: PROEX/UFMG, 2011, v. , p. 121-125.

Current research project: New dynamics in organizational communication: interaction analysis between organizations and public in digital contexts.